1. The client submits a request for a quote for any of the 4 services mentioned above. Logically the client must enter all the requested information.
  2. This request is sent immediately and simultaneously to all carriers that meet 2 basic requirements.

    A) That the vehicle has the capacity to transport the client’s cargo and

    B) That the carrier is less than 20 miles from the place of origin.

  3. Each carrier analyzes the request in detail and if they are interested in providing that service, they send the customer their best offer, which is received immediately.
  4. The client receives in real time all offers from carriers interested in providing the service. In addition to the prices, the client also receive the reputation, a reference image of the vehicle, and confirmation if the carrier has transported cargo insurance and if it is a Cargocheap certified driver. Taking into account these 5 criteria, the client will be able to choose the option that suits him best, which should not necessarily be the one with the lowest price, but the one that is the most convenient for him as a whole.
  5. As long as the client analyzes all the offers received and has not made any decisions, all the carriers that have offered can see the details of their competitors’ offers in real time. This allows all the carriers, using the reverse auction principle, to improve their bid in price (one time only), so that their bid is more attractive to the customer.
  6. When the client has finally chosen the option that suits him best, all these events will happen simultaneously:

    a) The client and the carrier receive the complete contact details of their counterpart, so that they can coordinate all the details of the work.

    b) The application blocks the customer’s credit card for the agreed price.

    c) All non-selected carriers will receive a series of recommendations to take into account and thus increase their chances of success in their next offer.

  7. Once the work is completed and confirmed by both parties, the carrier will receive the payment for its service, which will be the amount paid by the client less the Cargocheap fee.